Our Soaps

 Every bar of our goats milk soap is hand made with the finest natural ingredients.  We use the mildest, organic skin-loving natural oils, raw organic Goat’s milk, local organic honey,  enriched with 100% therapeutic essential oils & naturally derived colourants and exfoliates.

Our soaps are particularly suitable for dry skin conditions such as  eczema & chapped skins. 

They are completely Free of harsh chemicals,  artificial fragrances and preservatives

We are looking for the following to stock our soaps

  • Pharmacies
  • Shop owners
  • Market Stall owners
  • Internet Entrepreneurs

Making our soaps

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Shea Divine – Whipping it!!!

Our Key Ingredients:

The choice of ingredients in any skincare product is very critical and directly affects the quality of the end product.
Our goat milk soaps are made with:

Raw Organic Goat milk
Unrefined African Shea Butter
Pure essential oils
Naturally derived colourants
Natural Exfoliates

We have carefully selected and combined these ingredients in our soaps to ensure a truly nourished and radiant skin.